The Journal of American Indian Education (JAIE) is a professional journal that publishes papers directly related to the education of American Indian/Alaska Natives. The Journal also invites scholarship on educational issues pertaining to Native Peoples of the world, including First Nations (Aboriginal People of Canada), Native Hawaiian, Maori, Indigenous Peoples of Latin American and others. The goal of the Journal of American Indian Education is to improve Native Education through knowledge generation and transmission to classrooms and other educational settings. It encourages dialogue between researchers and teachers through research-based scholar and practitioner articles elucidating current innovations in the classroom. Essays that advance a point of view about an educational question or issue, if supported by cited research literature, are acceptable for consideration as well as manuscripts that present views of literature in areas that are relatively unexplored. Studies grounded in Native Research methodologies are especially encouraged. The JAIE also seeks expository manuscripts that present an explicative or interpretive perspective to an existing theory or issue.

The JAIE was founded in 1961, and has been published continuously since. It is published by the Center for Indian Education of the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University three times a year: fall, winter and spring.

The JAIE is refereed by Native educators and experts in various academic disciplines.

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